SERAX | Plant Pot Tabor Medium | Blue - LONDØNWORKS
SERAX | Plant Pot Tabor Medium | Blue - LONDØNWORKS

SERAX | Plant Pot Tabor Small | Blue

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    Established by brothers Serge and Axel Van Den Bossche, from whom the company gets its name, Serax started up as a small-scale business in 1986. Since then it has grown into an international design house.

    Working with designers from all over the world, the Serax team travel the globe with prototypes to find the right craftsmen to bring the products to life and manufacture on a large scale. Collections range from tableware to flowerpots and vases, and all place an emphasis on shape, material, and style.

    Seeking to bring happiness to the home, part of the core of Serax is helping people find accessories that will reflect their personality.


    This INDOOR pot is treated with a thin waterproof coating on the inside, but this does not guarantee 100% watertightness. Therefore, we recommend not to plant directly in the pot, but to place the plant in a plastic pot + saucer or use a plastic bag on the inside. Cracks can form if the plant is planted directly in the pot.

    Material: Stoneware

    Dimensions: D22 x H19 cm