IOSONOUNCANE live in London 10/10/2022

Here are our thoughts on Italian Electronic artist IOSONOUNCANE at the Oslo (London) on 10th October 2022.

Iosonouncane is the art name for Jacopo Incani, who recently shocked the music industry by releasing IRA, an avant-garde and controversial album.

The first time I listened to IRA I remember thinking this was one of those records that annihilates everything else; not through its extraordinary technical qualities and attention to detail alone, but by its bravery and bottomless exploration of different styles of music, techniques, and folk references (mainly from the artist home island Sardinia). This record is such an improbable mash-up that I would surely define it as "avant garde", yet it never once sounds self-indulgent.

This live was pitch black, leading you to experience the video art, the music, the silence, and every last breath. It transcended language and the concept of music itself. It was a codified experience waiting to be embraced and lived.
I was so thankful to be standing (as opposed to sitting which seems to me the ordinary custom at his concerts).

This event has definitely changed the way I think and experience live music.
It was a long voyage into more than an hour of uninterrupted playing (was it more than an hour? I wouldn’t even know as I totally lost track of time, and I’m pretty sure everyone else did too). This was an intimate yet collective experience. It wasn’t just plain tension/release, but a dark trip from nostalgia to the unknown, a brave discovery of your senses leading you to feel and experience every single vibration coming from all around you and the floor - this is also why i was extremely thankful to be standing.

It was silence, loss, despair, rage, hope, and love. It was the extreme act of taking consciousness of our humanity. We are here, we exist, and we are a crowd of free floating bodies that are all sharing the same induced sensations. It was tribal rage, an esoteric ritual in which you may eventually find a ray of sunshine. We all silently communicated without words, and I almost believe this must have been the aim of the artist.

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