Our top 12 albums of 2021! We are beyond proud and happy to be placing an album like IRA at the top of our chart this year.
An evocative journey into a dark land filled with darkness and beauty.
A record that sounds contemporary yet nostalgic, claustrophobic yet liberating. This is exactly what a contemporary artist ought to be nowadays: fiery, bold, visceral, and ground-breaking.
109 minutes of experimental constructions, elaborate layering, and atmosheric/trascendental scenarios.

Here is our list

1 - IRA @iosonouncane
2 - As the love continues @mogwaiband
3 - Beautiful Ghosts @unrqvtd
4 - Cavalcade @bmblackmidi
5 - As days get dark @arabstrapband
6 - Vi/deo @xenoandoaklander
7 - Infinite Granite @deafheavenband
8 - Mind Killer @blanckmass
9 - Isles @feelmybicep
10 - Jubilee @jbrekkie
11 - De Doorn @amenra_official
12 - Drunk Tank Pink @shame

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  • This made me discover some really amazing artists! Thank you.


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