1) ĠENN - Unum

Surely the "freshest" album of the year. A unique mix of post-punk, folk, jazz, and garage! This is not purely a work of music, but the closest thing to a "fine art product". It encloses homages to literary works, like in the track "Calypso", elements of folk culture, prog-rock ethereal soundscapes, and exotic jazz atmospherics. Listen here to our favourite track "Days And Nights"

2) ISKANDR - Spiritus Sylvestris

Atmospheric doom adorned by an immersive combo of drums and repetitive electronic beats. This dark folk album has flipped the script with Iskandr's clear departure from the more traditional atmospheric black metal. Listen here to our favourite track "Knagend Zout".

3) CHALK - Conditions

The darkest post-punk album this year. This new act offers an uncompromising vision and profoundly obscure anthems crafted in modern poetry and pulsating sounds. Their unmistakable style is a trademark of post punk, electronic, techno, and utmost originality. Listen here to out favourite track "Conditions".

4) MURDER CAPITAL - Gigi's Recovery

Post-punk and gothic gloom. The band identity was formed around the idea of pushing against everything and seeing what friction that created! A journey from darkness to light, framed by a poetic narrative into the highs and lows of modern society. Listen here to our favourite track "The Stars Will Leave Their Stage"

5) ARKONA - Kob'

Black Metal/ Folk. This is an album that offers no compromises and showcases the band's vision and sonic ideas with firm intent. it doesn't shy away from technical and stylistic complexities, and it definitely rewards the more patient and adventurous listeners. If you are stuck with traditional black metal this album may not be for your ears. Listen here to our favourite track "Ydi"

6) MAREUX - Lovers From The Past

This record brings a whole new depth to darkwave. An ethereal and seductive tale of lost lovers and haunting narratives. Listen here to our favourite track "Hurt".

7) NATION OF LANGUAGE - Strange Disciple

Their best album yet. Spatial synth-pop with a taste of Depeche Mode and New Romantic. Revivalism done at its best without ever sounding obsolete or sampled. Listen here to our favourite track "Weak In Your Light".

8) DANIELA PES - Spira

Experimental/electronic/folk. This masterpiece debut album produced by Italian artist "Iosonouncane" is rich in electronic textures and shamanic tribalism. It's a dark journey in which you eventually find yourself. Listen here to our favourite track "Arca".

9) WAYFARER - American Gothic

If you could link black metal to the Wild West you would get "American Gothic" as a result. This album could easily be the metal version of the "No Country `For Old Men" soundtrack.  It's a definite statement for Wayfarer's career and will probably be seen as the most accomplished example of country black metal in years to come. Listen here to our favourite track "A High Plains Eulogy".

10) ST. DIGUE - Toxic Kiss

The second studio album by Danish music artist St. Digue (a.k.a Kasper Deichmann). He is known for his unique and almost "unclassifiable" music style which is a brand of darkwave, black metal, post-punk, and EBM. Listen here to our favourite track "Toxic Kiss".

11) HEAVY LUNGS - All Gas No Breaks

Noise Rock/Post-Punk album in which the band touches topics of anxiety, modern living, and mental health, with a high dose of humour. Listen here to our favourite track "All Gas No Breaks"

12) RVG - Brain Worms

Post-Punk/Indie/Garage. A powerful and contemporary album that questions where we are today as a society and where we are headed. Brain Worms is ambitious and fresh as the band expand their sound with the addition of synths. Listen here to our favourite track "Squid".

13) OLDEST SEA - A Birdsong, A Ghost

Atmospheric Doom with Dark Folk. A haunting album to experience with an open mind and an open heart. This obscure work is emotionally raw and stylistically majestic. Listen here to our favourite track "The Machines That Made Us Old".


This album is raw, robotic, and synth-driven. It's the sound of the future colliding with a melancholic sense of loss. "Crime" is distorted punk energy, droning aggressive bass lines, abrasive riffs, and baritone vocals. Listen here to our favourite track "Bots".

15) BLACKBRAID - Blackbraid II

Native American Black Metal. This album is absolutely epic while embracing the atmospheres of Native American history, which can be visceral and blood-soaked. It also showcases one of the best metal productions of the year! Listen here to our favourite track "Moss Covered Bones On The Altar Of The Moon".

16) SLOWTHAI - Ugly

Rap/post-punk. Slowthai's antagonist stance has gifted us with some of the most polarising albums. This one is no exception! Throbbing post-punk instrumentals, controversial lyrics, and jarring guitars. The title track that features the Irish Fontaines D.C. pulls off this sound magnificently. Listen here to our favourite track "Selfish".

17) OPUS KINK - My eyes, Brother

Opus Kink's music is an original brand of post-punk, jazz, and country-folk, filtered with an unmistakable latin groove. The bottomless pool of influences in which they swim freely never ceases to amaze us. Every new track holds a unique vision, feel, and perspective. This EP is soaked in chaos, but despite its rough edges it holds magnificent story telling qualities. Listen here to our favourite track "Dust".

18) BC CAMPLIGHT - The Last Rotation Of Earth

Indie-rock/Pop. A melancholic diary into Brian Christinzio's life and some of his latest emotionally challenging events. The whole album feels like a downward spiral framed by sprinkles of humour. Although the subject matter may be dark, the wonderful melodies make for a beautiful paradox. Listen here to our favourite track "The Movie"

19) SLOWDIVE - Everything is Alive

Dream-pop/ Shoegaze. Not so much shoegaze anymore, this album has taken a prevalently dream-pop direction. it feels mature and well balanced. The production values are also definitely higher than in the previous releases. Listen here to our favourite track 'Chained To A Cloud"

20) GAUBE - Kulbars

Experimental/electronic/prog rock. A political and highly poetic album that focuses on social contradictions. Icy synths and 70's rock atmospheres adorned with obscure deep vocals. Listen here to our favourite track "Spettro"


Other amazing albums worth mentioning:

- ABRICTION (Interstates)

- VLURE (Heavensent) EP

- SEXTILE (Push)

- TEMPLES (Exotico)

- YEARS OF DENIAL (Suicide Disco Vol 2)

- HEARTWORMS (A Comforting Notion) EP

- YEULE (Softscars)


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