The new JOKER movie

This is not the typical movie about superheroes fighting a bunch of bad guys. It doesn't showcase the world through the binary mentality "good vs bad". This movie makes these concepts relative, which is the reason why so many people found it controversial and subversive.

By admitting that the whole idea of good and evil is relative, we nullify our ethics and excuse criminality. Now, isn't that another binary way of thinking?

In theory, that conclusion would be logical. In practice, our everyday life has many different colours and shades. The path of every individual is so unique and conditional that even the Law System constantly struggles to keep up and really deliver "justice".

This movie shows what they don't want us to see. it reveals what really is behind the illusion of "democracy", poisoned by a highly capitalist system. 

"Is it just me or is it getting crazier out there?" asks Joker. What a great opening to the movie. This sentence alone triggers a chain of events that ends up pushing the concept of humanity to its absolute limit. What happens when someone is brutally deprived of their dignity?

This is a story about marginalisation, mental illness, and bullying. What if we stop seeing and feeling for each other, what if we can’t accept social and individual differences. 

There is only a certain amount of violence a human being can take. How can we feel anything other than anger if that is all the world ever gave us. Is Arthur crazy or is the rest of the world crazy? This story flips the binary perspective upside down, by delivering an insightful and brave critique of our contemporary society.

Joker is not just the usual anti-hero, he is a symbol, a simulacrum of social discontent, rage, and anxiety. He could be any of us, it's this extreme humanisation of the "bad character" that really breaks our social boundaries. Those are the boundaries created by a system whose aim is to control us and keep us in a soporific innocuous state. This is a subversive call to wake up.

Joaquin Phoenix acting in this movie is as shocking as superb. The quick sequence of expressions in the opening scene is alone worthy of an Oscar. Not to mention his body language, the peculiar way he runs, or stretches/contorts his back. The reference to mute cinema and Chaplin is really strong here, but everything has been taken to a dark and more dangerous place.

We give this movie a big 9/10
















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