Londonworks x 200° Degrees Coffee


We are the biggest coffee fans you'll ever meet and have been serving coffee at our first store, Social since 2002. We are now offering people the chance to enjoy a cup of 200 Degrees Coffee in our new store in Camden while they browse on a daily basis. We are very lucky and proud to be working with our favourite artisan coffee rosters, 200 Degrees from Nottingham. They work with a number of specialists coffee importers which allows us access to amazing beans from all over the world. By working with 200° Coffee we regularly get to taste new coffees from both well-established farms to new and innovative farms, hoping to find those coffees that really get our taste buds going.

Alongside looking for those distinctive tastes, it's also very important to us to find out exactly where the beans are grown, who farmed them and what the community is like close to the farm. 

Our aim is to offer as much information as possible about our coffee and to credit those working hard to produce such a beautiful product.


 200° Degrees Coffee Story

We understand that the perfect cup of coffee is not just about taste, it’s about doing things the right way. We aim to be a great company, and that applies to our coffee, our venues, our service and the way we treat people, including our suppliers. 

We cherish the culture of coffee and can talk about it for hours. But we also understand that many people just want us to help them find a cup of coffee that they really love, so we will keep roasting it to the same high standards.

Green Beans

Producing 200 Degrees Coffee is a labour of love. All of our green coffee beans are ethically sourced. Our ultimate goal is to ensure that our coffee tastes great in all environments; from the finest professional espresso machine, through to the simplest homebrew device.

It’s by using traditional methods that ensure we always deliver outstanding coffee that is true to our principles; hand made to the highest quality, and exceptionally fresh.

Our coffee has been perfected through meticulous testing in our roast house and our own coffee shops. We ‘small batch’ roast to order, with every finished roast sampled by our Master Roaster before dispatch.

Many of our beans are Rainforest Alliance certified, but we also support farms that are ethical towards their workers and help their local community, as many smallholders who grow stunning coffee are not big enough to fund the certification process.

All our decaf beans are also decaffeinated without chemicals by using the natural Mountain Water Process which cleverly removes 99.9% of the caffeine with just water, while retaining the coffee's flavour. 


The next decision is how to roast the beans, with the optimum temperature for coffee roasting being around two hundred degrees centigrade. A lighter roast yields more subtle flavours and a higher acidity but a darker roast boasts intense and bolder flavours. It’s the point at which the beans are removed from the roaster where the real art and personality lies. 200° Coffee monitor the beans by temperature and colour and use just the naked eye to stop the process at precisely the right moment to ensure the correct flavour.

Finding the ideal roast profile for each bean is where the fun begins. Lots of experimenting, tasting and discussions take place amongst the roasting team until we are happy we are hitting that sweet spot every time.

Regular cuppings take place at our roastery for both quality control of our existing beans as well as testing out new origins and blends. This is when our palates are truly tested to identify subtle flavours and differentiate between origins, flavours and roast levels; it’s safe to say we don’t always come to the same conclusion!


The key to a great blend is selecting flavours and qualities of each bean which complement each other to create a greater product.

Roasters spend a lot of their time experimenting in cupping sessions to decide what characteristics they want from their blend.

When we started 200 Degrees we worked tirelessly to create our signature espresso blend "Brazilian Love Affair" that would have a broad appeal. Roasted medium dark it delivers a full-bodied, balanced espresso with notes of dark chocolate, which is bold enough to stand up in milky drinks.