We represent and distribute a very particular range of upcoming and established Scandinavian and North American fashion, footwear and accessory brands throughout the UK and Ireland.

Trend Union Agency maintain updated retail strategy and partnership model and well established retail network to enhance brands overall sales revenue.

Our business begins with unrivalled passion and commitment to our brands and a deep understanding of our customers, where we operate as a reliable, fast and flexible hub between our brands and retailers.

We keep up the philosophy of being a sustainable, diverse and always with a long-term outlook on the demand and development of our markets. We are here to help brands build long-term relations with customers, from the smallest of independent boutiques to the biggest of department stores.

We can cover all the demands of a successful entry into our markets and create an efficient and scalable operation. 

  • Sales management
  • Integrated PR operations
  • Unique customer service
  • Showroom
  • Photography studio
  • Sponsored events space for seasonal launches
  • Dedicated retail space for all the brands at our retail store


The brands that Trend Union Agency represent are

A. KJÆRBEDE, Denmark


Wholesale enquires:



A. Kjærbede was created in 2016 in Copenhagen, Denmark with a desire to unite good quality and thoughtful design – at a price that most people can join. The basis of the brand is a solid ideology that price and quality do not necessarily correlate.
A. Kjærbede's releases a collection a year with a vision is to create a unique, personal and timeless look through accessories that combine simple Nordic design with functionality and quality.
The inspiration is drawn from the general fashion image and the significant trends of the time, which is combined with a high degree of timelessness and classic expressions. The essentials of A. Kjærbede are a great focus on the details, which also raises the quality because each has a small function and shape on the individual sunglasses.


Conscious Step 

Conscious Step was created to bring more awareness to the problems faced by the world today and the organisations fighting these problems.

To take a product that everyone uses and produce it in a way that gives back to the planet rather than taking from it.

We’re always working to ensure that the purchase of our products supports emerging markets, guarantees a fair wage and promotes environmental sustainability. Conscious Step socks are organic, vegan and Fairtrade certified.

Ordinary Purchase, Extraordinary Purpose

For every pair of socks purchased, a donation goes directly to a non-profit.


  • Animal Rescue
  • Breast Cancer Prevention
  • Conserve Rainforests
  • Disaster Relief
  • Educate Kids
  • End Poverty
  • Save LGBTQ Lives
  • Fight Hunger
  • Fight Malaria
  • Plant Trees
  • Protect Elephants
  • Protect Oceans
  • Protect Sharks
  • Provide HIV Therapy
  • Provide Water



Back in 1995, we ventured together towards new opportunities, with our minds in the past and our eyes at the future. We wanted to revolutionize, create a nostalgic movement, based on the message that we should always remember and cherish what we love, as we move on to new endeavors. In 1995 we felt the waves under our board, the snow in our boots — we traveled, but came back. Back to the ground and to our home on the peninsula of Jutland, Denmark. As we took stock on our newfound outlook, we learned to bridge the gap between innovation and conservation, between expressive apparel and timeless clothing. This is our Revolution of 1995.

Today Revolution is represented in more than 800 shops across the world and has grown step by step in a pace where we have been able to have fun, be innovative and honest to our mission – this is still the case. 



Sneaky Steve

When you buy a pair of Sneaky Steve's, you buy into our idea that great footwear comes from the hearts, souls and dirty hands of people with passion. Like us, you believe that no computer software or automated production line can replace the human body, brain, and spirit. And because of that, you walk tall in your Sneaky Steve's, knowing that you're wearing something truly authentic and well-crafted in a world of mass-produced disposables.

Gothenburg, the city where Sneaky Steve was born, has always played an essential part in our story. Known for its industrial heritage, rainy winters and heavy, salty winds, Gothenburg has been our never-ending source of inspiration. So, has the working-class heroes who’ve kept this city going through the years. But Gothenburg is much more than gloomy skies and cold, wet concrete. It’s a city where underground cultures thrive, where the music scene is always alive and where legions of fashion designers have started on their journey to international success.

At Sneaky Steve, we take great pride in our knowledge of leather and in using producers with the same passion for craftsmanship as us. That’s why we make our shoes and boots in Portugal, where they have a long and rich tradition of shoemaking and leather tanning. Our producers and tanneries have honed their handicraft over generations and are always genuinely dedicated in their efforts to offer the best leather products possible.